Earn Money by Shortening Links in CutLink.In

Greetings, if you came to this place very surely you are in search of a medium that allows you to generate a little extra money on the internet.

Did you know that millions of dollars and euros are moved every day in digital advertising alone?

And you who use the internet on a daily basis and share information unwittingly or unknowingly contribute to that advertising being effective, but you will not receive a single dollar for that job!

It is very simple to understand how the dynamics of digital content works:

-A normal person has friends on social networks and their friends also have friends who have more friends, and so on.

-The first person shares content with their friends on these networks on a daily basis, whether it be news, content from their own website such as a blog or even sales of products or services.

-Very probably these publications will be shared by your friends and their friends, will begin an expansion that allows you to reach hundreds or thousands of people quickly.

Have you ever thought that you can get money from these interactions with the Link you shared?

Relatively there are few reliable methods for this, because many companies do not pay their users are usually platforms that promise a lot and in the end deliver little or nothing.

Below I will explain how our link shortener system works and how it can generate some extra money.

CutLink.In gives you the best methods so you can earn income by shortening your web links.

A Link of a web address that leads to a news item, for example, would be the following:


Our job is to cut that link and create another one that is not so long, that goes to the same destination, for that you just have to paste the Link you want to shorten in our special area on the main page or in your user account and you will get immediately A link like this:


As you can see, the difference is remarkable, in this way, you can create a short Link that will take you to the destination web page, you can shorten any web address with news content or that you think might interest the people, you can share the Link with your friends through social networks.

You will earn revenue every time a person visits your shortened Link on CutLink.In!


Before reaching the web address that shortened, the user must wait 10 seconds, during which time a web page belonging to our advertisers will be shown or an area where a series of advertising banners are displayed, also from our advertisers.

Our advertisers pay CutLink.In to receive visits to their websites or display advertising banners, that payment is shared with the users who create the short links every time they are opened by other people.

Does it seem complicated?

Do not waste time and join now, you can be another happy member!
Shorten, share and earn money with CutLink.In from today.

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Publicado en: 18/11/18 23:11